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CritCare_RN has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in NSICU.

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  1. CritCare_RN

    Opinions: Online ARNP/CRNA

    So I’m just curious to get opinions about online schooling for ARNP and CRNA. I’ve seen a lot of people go through these programs but I don’t feel right doing grad school online. Are these programs still good schooling or should I look for an in-classroom experience?
  2. CritCare_RN

    CVICU vs Float Pool

    Hi everyone, I have been recently offered job offers from CVICU and Float pool. Both offers are from the same hospital which is a level 1 trauma center. The float pool would range from MICU, NSICU, TICU, CVICU, CCU, ED, and MSICU. I have previous 2 years experience in Neuro ICU from another level 1 trauma center and have had little experience floating there. I am wanting to expand my knowledge before applying to Grad school for either my NP or CRNA. Which offer should I take? Thanks in advance

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