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  1. KeepGoingRN

    ADN job outlook in CA

    I work for a large teaching hospital in southern CA and we do not hire ADNs only BSN/MSN. I think smaller hospitals still do and for sure nursing homes/rehab.
  2. KeepGoingRN

    MEPN equivalent to ADN?

    My hospital does not hire ADNs only BSN/MSN. If the ASBN is about the same amount as Entry level MSN, I would do MSN for sure. If you want to go back and do a post-masters NP you will save money and time.
  3. KeepGoingRN

    Cedars-Sinai August 2019 New Graduate Residency

    Congrats to all those who received an interview! I remember when I interviewed I was so nervous and the set-up of the interview was a bit intimidating. Harvey Morse is a large conference room where they have lectures and other gatherings. So basically, it's a one day interview and all those interviewing all sit together in the back middle of the room while all the unit heads have a table surrounding you. You can see/hear the people interviewing. Initially I thought it was a speed dating type set-up where you interview with everyone, but you only interview once with the unit you decide you want to interview for. So basically, you're competing with only with those individuals interviewing for the unit you signed up for. Some units only hire 1 and some need 3-4 its really what the need is for the unit at that time. Make those portfolios look nice! Goodluck!
  4. KeepGoingRN

    RNs giving patient lab results.

    If they've been discharged then they should be calling medical records not the floor.
  5. KeepGoingRN

    Cedars-Sinai August 2019 New Graduate Residency

    Maybe that'll be the next step. I know they were a little behind on schedule with my cohort. The assessments were like a med-surg, pharm, and aptitude test. Unless theyve changed the process.
  6. KeepGoingRN

    Night shift mentality: keep them alive until day team comes on

    I probably would have the same perception as the OP, if my fiance wasn't a resident at a teaching hospital. At least in this particular hospital, the night resident is responsible for 80-100 patients that night on the floor by him or herself. He tells me that it's really about keeping someone stable until the day team comes in. For any emergent cases then something will be done, but with so many patients to look after and so many pages from nurses he has to prioritize. He says he gets about 100-130 pages from nurses on his shift. I have so much empathy for residents now because of my fiance. They are truly overworked and underpaid. I make double than he does and I only work 36 hours a week while he works 70-80. I did not know how underpaid they were until he started residency! Like in nursing, you'll have great residents and bad ones.