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  1. juviasama

    Frustrated trying to get a hospital job!

    No, you're not! I don't sense any feeling of entitlement from your post. I sense frustration which is understandable. Nurses here could be mean because they don't know you and they hide their identities here. Anyway, hospitals are overrated. I twice worked in a hospital, even though they're not acute care related. I am burned out with all politics and drama that's going on in the hospitals. I don't even care if I will never have any acute care experience. My value as a nurse, and as person, is not determined by my job title and my acute care experience. I am a child of God and that's all that matters.
  2. juviasama

    Academically Dismissed from Nursing School

    I'm really sorry that it happened to you. Yes, people make mistakes all the time. I have my license, but I am not a saint, either. I am human and make millions of stupid mistakes in life. What's done is done. There's nothing we can do to change the past. The most important thing is that you've learnt your mistakes and now it's time to move forward. If I were you, I'd be so disappointed with myself too. But please remember, that it's not the end. Nursing is not the only way to live and make positive impact on others. You can always make difference in someone's life regardless of your professions. You can also make more money with, possibly, lower stress level by choosing another career than nursing. If you still want to do nursing, then yes, reapply the program and you might have to start all over, depending on the school. But don't give up. It's not the end. It's another new beginning for you. So please, don't be so hard on yourself.
  3. juviasama

    why is an RN considered as an expense instead of an asset?

    I appreciate that you're offering perspective from the employers' part. However, I do believe that employers should give what's fair for the employees. When I work, I do work hard. I didn't sit and gossip with other coworkers when I work. I focus on my work to get things done. I don't even touch my phone unless I'm on break. I dedicate my best for my employers and I'm expecting my employers would give what's fair for their employees.
  4. juviasama

    why is an RN considered as an expense instead of an asset?

    wow, that's an eye opener. Thank you!
  5. This has been bothering me so much. I once interviewed with private duty agency, and when I asked for certain salary that I think is reasonable for a nurse with 18 months experience. She counter-offered me with much lower salary, saying that I don't have home health experience. Hence, my salary will be the same like new grad. Plus she wanted me to work weekends too. She said in order to qualify for full time position, I have to work one weekend because everyone wants to work weekdays. (Err, I thought that's the perk of PDN, can choose their own schedules? apparently not!) Plus my friend worked there and she told me the benefits were very expensive and no PTO offered. I was not desperate enough, so I never followed up with the agency. I also have a prn job at a PPEC. The manager sent me home earlier because another nurse, an LVN, took over. She's a great LVN, I have no doubt about that. I don't mind she's taking over, but I know the reason the manager cut my hours.. they want to cut the cost of an RN.. . The manager is always bothering me how long I will finish my charting. I can finish on time if you fix the ratio.. How can they expect me to finish on time when they only have 2 nurses and 2 techs for 8 kids with special needs? In the beginning they promised 1 nurse and 1 CNA for 3 kids. They cut the staff and they want us to clock out on time. Heck no, I'm not going to clock out until I finish my work. I used to do that in the past. Being forced to clock out when I'm not done with the work, and I and some other nurses used to work for "free." Learnt my lesson.. if they're not happy, they can fire me, but I'm not working for free anymore. But then from here, I learnt that they considered RN as an expense, instead of an asset. Or maybe it's just the employers that I've encountered.
  6. Hello every wonderful nurses, I need help! I had an interview on June 5th with the nurse supervisor/coordinator for a school nursing position. It seemed to go well. But she told me it's just a pre-screening interview then she will send out my answers and my data to the principals and the principals will contact me for the interview if they're interested. She gave me her business card and she told me to reach out if I didn't hear anything within a week because it might be the admin's busy and she didn't like it when they conducted the interview at the last minute. One week passed by, I didn't hear anything. I tried to reach the nurse supervisor simply because I'm not sure whom to call. She wasn't there, her assistant answered the phone and she just said that the nurse supervisor has sent all the names to the principals and we can only wait until the principals call. But... I still want to reach out... I'd rather find out if they want to move forward with other applicants than keeping me in the dark here. Do you think I should just cold-call the principals (even though I don't know their names) or.. what should I do? Please advise