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    Conexus med staff

    Hello, if any of you try to find a sponsor in the states, I would highly recommend Conexus med staff to make your dream come true in the US. I'm from South Korea and had completed my BSN in the states. When I was about to graduate, I decided to work with Conexus and I think that was the best decision I've ever made. As a new grad nurse, it was not easy for me to get a job offer, especially as an OPT holder. Conexus not only offered me a job, but they also help me to submit the permanent residency application. Conexus med staff has always been very supportive and I just cannot appreciate their help enough. They actually provided some financial support when I had to move to another state which really helped me a lot as a new grad. This company has been caring about me even after I started working and we submitted the green card application. So if you're trying to find a good sponsor, Conexus med staff is definitely the one!