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  1. Jkloo

    Low Science GPA

    You're welcome. I was in nursing school many years ago when I discovered that there was such a thing as CRNAs. Keep your eye on the prize and try to enjoy the journey!
  2. Jkloo

    Low Science GPA

    Yeah, join any hospital committees you can get your hands on. Join your local AACN when you get into an ICU and go to the meetings. Oftentimes the hospital will have everyone do refresher training on equipment twice a year or so, so try to get in there and volunteer to teach the training on equipment. Sometimes local RN schools need people to help in sim labs too which could also be handy. Becoming a charge nurse just takes time and being a capable individual that can make decisions under stress, some hospitals they are more like office bees so obviously don't gun for that it that's how it is where you end up working. Also forgot to mention you're going to need to eventually shadow someone and keep a log of what cases you saw, interesting things you did, and most importantly the CRNAs name and contact info for later.
  3. Jkloo

    Low Science GPA

    Just work on taking more science classes and doing well in nursing school. It's a very long journey. Do well in your nursing courses, try to be flexible and move to an area where you can get into ICU nursing right away, and start taking science classes on the side. Do well in those classes. You'll eventually need to get your CCRN certification after a couple years in the ICU, and also work on doing the GRE. During that process look into schools, open houses, specific requirements that they may have. Join committees and organizations, do foreign aid trips, try to teach something, become a charge nurse, do all of the above and prepare for the interviewing process. Be prepared for everything you planned to go to s*** and things to take even longer than initially anticipated.
  4. Jkloo

    ICU Residency Count As School Experience?

    They're not going to go digging, they're gonna be looking at your resume and the info you or your references provide.
  5. Jkloo

    Waiving ICU requirement

    Plenty of applicants without waiving any requirements as it is.
  6. Jkloo

    What are your schools doing about COVID and clinical?

    Nobody wants to be delayed in graduating. Some parts of the country are being hit harder than others, to make a such a blanket call as to shut down all clinical for all programs is ridiculous. Students are experienced ICU nurses at the very least. They can be of value to the team. Honestly if some students want to go and deal with the risks, go for it. If others want to stay home and potentially be delayed in graduating, that's fine too.
  7. Any bottle of paralytic I've handled was bright red with the words paralytic stamped all over it.
  8. Jkloo

    Legal obligation for disaster relief

    I don't know. I suppose if the disaster was completely unpredictable, then yeah it would be fairly separate. In the southeast with hurricanes...there is at least a fair amount of predictability to them. Increase the pay or find other incentives and there will be plenty of single people willing to stick it out, or others from around the country willing to come in for relief. As I said earlier the increase in financial rewards are common with federal law enforcement, contractors, insurance agencies, you name it... Not only that, but the financial pressures would encourage hospitals and other settings to actively transfer their patients to refuge rather than just rely on internal staff working under threat...
  9. Jkloo

    Legal obligation for disaster relief

    If it was decent enough there wouldn't be a need to threaten people's licenses or fire people over it...they'd be able to sustain the minimal staff requirement as needed through market forces. Capitalism, right? They'd have plenty of travelers willing to ride the disaster out for the right compensation. They don't currently, because threats are easier and just as effective as actually paying people what they are worth.
  10. Jkloo

    Legal obligation for disaster relief

    What I don't get is all these teams of disaster relief folks that come in from all over the country...law enforcement, linemen, other state agents...all receiving massive financial incentives to go and do this. Then you have the hospital staff who have to be threatened with legal or professional sanction in order to keep them going back to work...rather than offering financial compensation worthy of their time. This question wouldn't even be asked if we had a similar system in place.
  11. Jkloo

    I failed my patient today- Student Nurse

    Sounds like you're doing great. And I do not mean that sarcastically. Don't beat yourself up over this.
  12. Jkloo

    Can nurses really “do anything??”

    I think you need to genuinely ask yourself what you'd rather be doing with your life - career wise. A lot of folks are running off getting various degrees with absolutely no market for them. Today, you really cannot afford to be goofing around getting degrees with no clear financial rewards at the end. The lack of a serious livable wage during those formative years coupled with the debt school generally requires now is simply too much to go through without a clear plan in mind. Do you have something in mind that you'd prefer to be doing?
  13. Jkloo

    $200,000 salary as a RN, it's true

    Does it matter? Community college is dog cheap bordering on about 1-2k a year in tuition even for those who pay full price. Isn't New York also free for most?
  14. Jkloo

    Feedback appreciated

    I'm really surprised at the amount of comments putting the blame on the physician. I can't really see how the physician is to blame for someone who isn't involved in the patient's care failing to communicate, administering an overdose, failing to document it, and failing to notify the appropriate people. Sure, he or she should've updated the MAR. Sounds like an NCLEX "perfect-hospital scenario" question. In real life providers are busy and I figure he or she expected that for the time-being a verbal communication with the primary nurse would suffice. We want to be colleague on the health care team. We want all members to be seen as equals. Blaming the provider is kind of a cop-out in a case like this in my opinion...
  15. Jkloo

    $200,000 salary as a RN, it's true

    It's often why a lot of folks earn money in these types of areas, retire early, then move to the LCOL areas. You can make and save ton if you live with a few roommates in SF making 150-200k (not working overtime) in SF. Then proceed to another area and basically live off of your investments or work less.
  16. Jkloo

    LPN Refused Assignment as a CNA

    What excellent leadership material

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