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    failed a&p twice ?

    so I failed anatomy and physiology twice . the first time I took the course , I was a senior in high school and failed with a 60% . my study habits were not up to par and the material was much different from what I was learning and easily acing in high school . the second time I was a freshman in college and was unable to take my finals due to personal reasons and was not allowed to retake them . I know for a fact that nursing is what I want to do and I also know that I have the capability to pass the class . the problem is that the college I’m enrolled in will not allow me to retake the class for 5 years . I don’t want to change my major but I don’t know what to do at this point . what can I do in the meantime if I KNOW that nursing is what I want to do ? I thought about choosing another major that I’m interested in , but I know that once the five years is up , I want to try again at nursing.