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  1. Glasses9456

    LPN Clinical Skills

    Hello! I’m planning to enter an LPN program soon and was wondering how many Clinical Skills we are expected to learn in the lab?.. I heard that it was over 100 and it’s freaking me out haha.. Is that true?..
  2. Glasses9456

    Preparing for LPN Program

    Hello, I am currently finishing up my CNA course and getting ready to sign up for an LPN Program. Once I sign up there will be a 1 to 1.5 year wait. While I am waiting, is there anything I can do to help prepare myself for the LPN Program? A few people have suggested that I get an NCLEX-PN study guide and review from that. Do you think that's a good idea? Do you have a better idea? If so, reply below! All advice is appreciated! P.S. If anyone reading this has taken the LPN course at GateWay Community College, please share any insight that you have.. Thank you!