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  1. Plantladynurse

    Pain meds that can be given together?

    Worried new nurse here, I have been a nurse for about a month at my job. I took care of an elderly patient yesterday who has been in severe knee and generalized pain. This patient had an order for PRN Tramadol and IV morphine 1mg. I administered the Tramadol, checked on pain an hour later and my patient was still screaming out requesting something else. I readjusted them, and went to grab ice packs since that worked before. My preceptor asked how the patient was doing and once I explained it was suggested to me to administer the PRN morphine. I explained that I just gave Tramadol an hour ago and if that would be contraindicated? My preceptor and another nurse agreed it was acceptable. I ask my preceptor to come with me - patients vital signs were within normal limits. I administered the morphine. I check back 15 minutes later - my patient is awake and sitting up but appears spacey and "high". I gave report to the oncoming nurse, my shift is almost over and we discover the blood pressure is 99/60, respiration's are normal. I know this reading is not incredibly low, but it was the lowest reading I've had from this patient. I do not feel that I used my better judgment. No one else seemed to be alarmed by the BP besides the CNA that took the vitals. I feel I made a major mistake. Why on earth would I believe giving two narcotics so closely together is acceptable? Is Tramadol and Morphine combined therapeutic? My gut tells me no, and I am so worried today. I have the day off and have no idea how my patient is doing. I feel that I failed my patient. I wanted them to be comfortable, and I did everything I could to provide that. I love my job. I would never want to put someone in harm but I feel I did not use good judgment. I expressed my concern to my preceptor after this and she guaranteed she will be fine. However, I am not only extremely worried sick but also confused about combining these drugs. Is this common?
  2. Plantladynurse

    New nurse - Unemployed for 8 months.

    I think that's a great way to explain it, and I'm going to take your advice. Thank you to both of you.
  3. Plantladynurse

    New nurse - Unemployed for 8 months.

    Hi, I have applied to LTC facilities and hospitals. Mostly all entry level positions. I would be happy to accept a position anywhere.
  4. Plantladynurse

    New nurse - Unemployed for 8 months.

    Hi everyone, I will try to make this as brief as possible but I am in need of either support or advice - I am feeling so lost. I was technically homeless throughout my 3 years of nursing school. I couch surfed and lived with boyfriends and their families to have a place to live. (I came from an abusive family and have little contact with them.) At this point I became very depressed and suicidal. I began to take antidepressants to stay afloat, while I accomplished this, everything else suffered. I was so depressed, I could barely care for myself but I dragged myself to class, clinical, and lab. My teachers/instructors began to find fault in me for not being as engaged. My depression became worse but I dealt with it the best way I could at the time. I kept everything a secret in fear of being removed from the program. I ended up graduating last May, powered through a month of non-stop studying and passed the NCLEX-RN on the first attempt. A month after, I was exhausted and my depression finally came crashing down on me. I attempted suicide. I was unsuccessful thankfully and was checked into a mental health facility for a long stay. Since then, I have been working on my mental health religiously. I have a therapist, I do not engage in any alcohol consumption, etc., I have a stable home life, I work out regularly, which has made a huge positive impact on my mental health. I have worked hard to change my mindset. Fast forward to now - I have been seeking employment and have applied to over 60+ positions and none have worked out. I am getting close to my year mark of graduation and I feel like I may never find a job. I am terrified for my future. During interviews, I have been asked "Why do you think you haven't found a job yet?" I don't know how to answer this question, but I feel I can't be completely honest about my situation. In school, I worked part-time in an ICU and never had any complaints about the care I gave, work-ethic, etc. but that I would call off often. The only good thing I have going for me are my compassion and dedication to patients in my care, my co-workers also praised me on how willing I was to always help. I have won multiple patient satisfaction awards with past employment - but my references aren't good from my supervisors because of call offs and tardiness. This downward spiral took place all over a course of 3 years, These consequences are my own fault but I am in a much better place and cannot seem to rid myself of my past. I know what it takes to be a nurse and to be apart of a team. I know that my past reflects on my mental health and not who I want to be as a professional nurse, but I fear I may not get the chance to prove that. Any advice or words of encouragement is greatly appreciated, I feel so stuck... Thank you for taking the time to read.
  5. I worked at a mental health facility as a PCT. Witnessed nurses mistreating patients, understaffed, unsafe etc. So I left. The second place I worked at as PRN was understaffed and many safety issues as well sadly, so I left. I've had terrible luck finding good facilites, and I've accepted jobs out of desperation (I've learned my lesson). I'm taking the NCLEX-RN soon and will be applying to hospitals. Am I required to list these places of employment while I was a CNA?
  6. Plantladynurse

    Quitting CNA job on a work day?

    Yes it shows last employment date. I'm not sure if it shows if the worker was terminated or resigned. That's what I fear.
  7. Plantladynurse

    Quitting CNA job on a work day?

    Long story short I am in a temporary position working as a CNA before I take the NCLEX-RN (1 month away). I have 2 years experience as a pct and accepted this job as a cna at a Ltc facility. My employers were on board that my position was temporary. This position is more hassle than it's worth, I see too many things that CNAs are doing wrong that I fear will jeopardize the residents safety (pulling their arms to turn them, pulling diapers from under residents instead of log rolling) the nurses ignore red flags (GI bleeding, bladder distention), I have to get patients up alone who are high fall risk, and things I have mentioned to the nurses and they have blown off. I feel this place is a lawsuit waiting to happen which for obvious reasons I want no part of. I have mentioned my concerns to nursing staff and nothing has changed. Here is my question: Today was my final orientation day, I am supposed to be back tonight for the NOC shift, but l I don't want to come back, I want to run far away from this place. I have already written up a letter for HR, but my fear is that future employers for an RN position will see that I quit on the state healthcare registry. I feel my CNA certificate is in jeopardy working here and I don't know if I can stand to be here another night. I know its unprofessional to leave at such short notice, I am so confused and just don't know what to do, I've never just quit a job so quickly and I've just never wanted to run so fast from a job. I'm sorry this is so long and if I am misinformed on anything. I'm genuinely just concerned for patient safety as well as protecting myself. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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