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  1. Has anybody attended this PMHNP program? I cannot find any reviews or current students.
  2. Rnmoo

    Honest review of EKU PMHNP??

    Hi. I did get an acceptance letter. I am now torn between this program and NKU. I have heard EKU is extremely picky about clinical hours where you might be there for 8 hours yet can only count 1/2 hour with each patient regardless if you spend an hour with one. NKU is offering a tuition discount as well because the program is newer. They seem to be less picky with hours and only require 500 vs EKU at over 700.
  3. I have applied to Eastern Kentucky University PMHNP and Wright State University. I am thinking about Northern Kentucky as well. Does anybody have any experience with these programs or helpful insights?

    1. nursego


      I applied to EKU for the PMHNP program and start this month. So after do for a while can tell you. I do like the all online format and 8 week classes.