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  1. I called UAB and spoke with a nice lady in student success about proper dress code. She said that either business casual or suit and tie would suffice. She said that there will be a mix of people wearing different attire in their interviews and to just look the part and be yourself. 

  2. Cassian14

    UAB AMNP 2020 Applicants

    I’m in the same boat. I know for medical school interviews it’s a suit and tie. I’ve tried looking at past threads with no luck on answers. The fact that the interview is less than 30 minutes makes me think business casual would be acceptable. But for peace of mind I may just call up there.
  3. Cassian14

    UAB AMNP 2020 Applicants

    Yes. The office told me it was because I had a different masters application pending at the university. So they removed it for me.
  4. Cassian14

    UAB AMNP 2020 Applicants

    I submitted my application but it says “transcript not received from unknown school” anyone have this problem? I emailed ********* No information provided yet.
  5. Cassian14

    UAB AMNP 2020 Applicants

    Hello all. I am applying this cycle as well. Still haven’t submitted. Super nervous and still working on the essay.

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