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  1. arnurse19

    Proctor Problem

    Well, I passed! All that worrying for nothing! Thank god for quick results
  2. arnurse19

    Proctor Problem

    Hi everyone, so I have an issue. I took the nclex yesterday, and by the proctor’s own accord, she handed me a calculator (simple standard test administered calculator) with my test materials. I didn’t think anything of it because SHE gave it to me for the test and sent me in and turned the test on. I asked for breaks and was excused by other proctors, with the calculator in clear view, and nothing was mentioned. I did use it for 2 questions, (because I thought I could since it was given to me) and nothing was mentioned until AFTER I finished the exam when the proctor who breaked me noticed and said “oh you weren’t supposed to have a calculator” but she seemed fine and said “I bet you’re excited, have a great day!” When she let me leave the test room. I went home and checked my PVT trick thing and got the good pop-up (after the email was sent) and then hours later it says my test is on hold. I’m so nervous I’m going to be flagged for something that wasn’t even my fault!! Technically my quick results should be available tomorrow but I’m starting to think that won’t happen if they’re reviewing me Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. arnurse19

    NCLEX issue