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    Nursing then NP or CRNA as a second Job.

    Thank you very much for that insight. I think maybe that cleared a lot of my confusion regarding if i should be even considering a career change. My intention was also to make sure, that i will have time, energy and most importantly do i want to do another 3-4 years of school since i maxed out on education in my field right now and also i did not want to commit a lot of my years right now for that purpose. I will need to do more research befor ei make a jump. Thanks.
  2. jobjohnson

    Nursing then NP or CRNA as a second Job.

    I was looking for information on the web for some time now but i was getting different information and was getting me confused. Thank you very much for that simple explanation. No wi know what to research for.
  3. Hello, A little background on me. Am 29 year old working in the tech industry. I have a bachelors in computer science and 2 masters.I wanted to be in the medical professional but too late to pursue medical school and i was planning on a career change in the next 2 years. The motive is, i like medical field and also i am looking for areas that pay high ( > 150k ). I would appreciate if someone could jot down some points on what my options could be and if i wanted to make a jump how to get started. I dont want to do a bachelors of nursing all over but i have the capacity to learn quick if its a shorter duration degree. I also wanted to know, in . a perfect world if i wanted to become a CRNA what would be path that i need to take. Would i be able to work an 8-5 job while pursuing an accelerated RN/BSN course ( which ever is better) ? What would be the estimated number of years according to you, if i was willing to sacrifice time to study to be a NP or CRNA? Thank you