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wildrosesRN has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. wildrosesRN

    Travel Nursing

    I also wanted to start travel nursing right out of school. On top of that I also became frustrated I could not find a job near me until about 3 months after graduating (instead of applying for jobs I took time off to focus on NCLEX and lost casual job opportunities but instead I was able to focus on my weaknesses). I had looked into travel nursing and found a few programs designed for new graduates to travel nurse. Many of these programs had a 2 year sign up contract. The places I were offered was in Nebraska and Kansas. California may be difficult to start travel nursing in, the more desirable states to live and work in are typically harder to start travel nursing in. Best of luck.
  2. wildrosesRN

    Quick Head to toe?

    I occasionally listen to nursing podcasts while I am doing household tasks. I really enjoy NRSNG podcasts. They have a podcast posted on May 9, 2019 titled, "Just 5 Minutes for an Accurate Head to Toe Nursing Assessment". I found this podcast very easy to listen to and imagine myself assessing.
  3. wildrosesRN

    Simple Solutions to Everyday Problems

    Reverse trendelenburg is your friend when it comes to boosting patients. Sometimes the patient is completely able to boost themselves when working with gravity. Protecting your back and shoulders is key, plus it saves you time from finding another nurse. Nurse fanny pack is my life. I love being able to carry pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors and rolls of tape. Keeping a list of common IV drip rates.
  4. wildrosesRN

    Recommendation for best nursing tools/items to buy?

    First of all congratulations on all your hard work! I love my nurse fanny pack. In my pack I keep various pens (depending on your facility they may have preferred colours), pencils, yellow highlighters, scissors and a couple rolls of tape. Nothing is more annoying than when you are busy and need a certain item and don't have it, plus in the long run it will save you some extra steps! Which is a must in med/surg!
  5. wildrosesRN

    Weighing adult diapers for output monitoring

    The unit I did my peds rotation on had one scale for 8 newborns/peds under 3 years old. They kept a clean stash of the various diapers on a shelf underneath the scale so we could weigh the dirty one first, sanitize the scale, then weigh the clean correct size of diaper and subtract the difference.

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