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  1. KDL23

    CSU Stanislaus ASBSN 2019

    Hey everyone! I am applying to the spring 2020 cohort and wanted to ask if I should receive a warrior ID after I submitted my cal state application? Or do you only receive that if you are accepted? Just wondering how you get updates about the status of your application otherwise. Thanks!
  2. KDL23

    ABSN Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) Spring 2020

    Hey everyone. I submitted my Cal State application for this program last Thursday. Should I be expecting a response with information to access myCSUSM portal? How long did it take for those of you who submitted already?
  3. KDL23

    CSUN ABSN 2020

    Does anyone know how many applicants will be accepted for the Spring 2020 cohort?
  4. KDL23

    CSUN ABSN Spring 2019

    I will be applying to this program for the Spring 2020 Cohort and I was wondering what was the size of the last cohort?