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  1. HairyPoppins

    Stanford RN New Grad Program October 2020

    I can't confirm this, but I know people have been emailed for interviews on the children's side if that's what you heard maybe? Otherwise I don't know
  2. HairyPoppins

    Stanford RN New Grad Program October 2020

    Website says Aug 1-21
  3. HairyPoppins

    Long Beach Memorial Care/Miller Children’s August 2020 NEW GRAD RN

    Mine says completed too and I'm wondering the same thing! The only time I've had that happen before was when I was contacted for an interview, which hasn't happened for this position. Let's hope it's a good sign!
  4. Yes, I applied to the Stanford adult side too and mine changed to "in review" very quickly--maybe within a week or so. I wonder why the process seems to take so much longer with LP?! So thankful that our torture should be over in a matter of days & I definitely believe 1,000 people apply. I'd be happy just to get an interview given those odds.
  5. Mine still says submitted. I'm not sure about your other question. If it's anything like Stanford adult, I think maybe ~400 applications for 15-20 spots.
  6. I just looked at last year's thread and all interview invites were sent out via email. It also looks like they were sent on the last day of the timeline. So maybe we'll all hear on Friday, assuming the process hasn't been delayed by COVID
  7. Anyone hear anything yet?
  8. HairyPoppins

    Full publications in new grad portfolio?

    Maybe portfolio is just a fancy word people are using these days but I've been told it's been recommended with interviews (or to drop off with a manager to indicate your interest) to bring a nice folder with your resume, letters of recommendation, copy of your license/certifications, a personal statement about what nursing means to you, and I've heard publications if you have them. My publications aren't really related to nursing, so not that impressive (thanks though ). I just have a previous BS degree and before I got into nursing school, I worked at an academic healthcare institution in a research laboratory. I'm listed as an author on a few research papers that came out of that lab because I helped with data collection, in the OR with the animal surgeries, and other things. I only thought it might be relevant because it's something unique about me and also the research was about spina bifida, and I'm hoping to go into NICU/PICU/Peds/L&D as an RN.
  9. I'm a new grad and am putting together my official portfolio for a job. I know publications are good to put in there in general, but what about if they are from prior to nursing school? They are still healthcare related (except one is more psychology-focused), but not directly related to nursing. If I do include them, should the full text be in the portfolio or just a list for managers to look up on PubMed if they desire? Thanks so much for the help!
  10. HairyPoppins

    Licensing in multiple noncompact states

    Thank you!
  11. HairyPoppins

    Best Countries to Relocate as US New Grad RN?

    Thank you so much, this is all super helpful!
  12. Is it correct that you can possess licenses for multiple noncompact states at once (e.g. CA, HI, and WA)? That seems to be true from what I am reading online, but the information is kind of confusing so I just wanted to make sure! Thank you so much
  13. Hello! I am a new BSN, RN from the United States (I graduated one month ago). I haven’t yet secured my first paid position and am considering relocating out of the US to another English-speaking country. All of the previous posts I’ve seen along these lines are from 10+ years ago, and the articles I’ve found online don’t come to a singular conclusion. What countries do you feel are best for new/inexperienced expat US RNs? I am considering the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, but am open to other options as well (even if non-English speaking— I am good with languages!). By best, I mean salary vs. cost of living, advancement opportunities, job satisfaction and work/life balance, and ease of transitioning as an overseas nurse. Thank you so much for the advice!
  14. HairyPoppins

    CHOC Children's RN Residency August 2020

    Also anxiously waiting over here!
  15. When did you submit your application if you don't mind me asking?
  16. Mine is "under recruiter review" now as well...also dying to know what this means! Seems to me like it is a step backward from "sent to hiring manager" but what do I know. I applied to NICU and haven't heard anything.

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