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  1. Hey yall! Im in a transitional program LVN-RN. I was wondering what your schools passing score is? I knew my schools passing score was a 78 but I did not know that the score to make a B was an 84. I seem to be consistently stuck in a cycle of making 80-83. It seems that most schools around my area consider a 75 passing and an 80 a B. At this point my GPA is taking a hit and with COVID my school is a mess. I want to eventually go back to get my bachelors an it seems like most schools require a 2.25 GPA. I'm scared I won't meet that especially since my schools grading system is different and more strenuous.
  2. !!!! I just called and I was told that they haven't sent anything out yet but they've just about made their decisions so they said to keep an eye out cause they will be sending emails out "very soon"
  3. I haven't received anything from the school at all. Ill let yall know as soon as they email me back. I did read on another forum that LVN's compete against LVN's so they won't be thrown in with the BSN students. So that gives me some hope. I also have a pharmacy tech license that is still active but there wasn't anywhere for me to add it on my NursingCas so I wonder if i should send it to them? Regardless I'm so discouraged I started an application to Tarleton in Waco since their deadline is July 1st and they have the same pre req's for the BSN and LVN-BSN program.
  4. Your stats were pretty good through! My GPA was the bear minimum but my TEAS math and reading averaged like a 93 and my overall score was a high B. I wanna say an 89.
  5. I feel like from past years everyone has gotten their acceptance letters already. I just emailed the school to ask when the last batch goes out. I'm quitting at life and backpacking through Europe for the next decade if I don't get in.
  6. I think they moved the whole program to the Woodlands. I applied to the Woodlands and to both the BSN and the LVN-BSN program.
  7. Has anyone heard anything from admissions ?

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