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  1. I went back to school later in life so I currently have 2 years experience in adult acute psych in a large hospital in a big city. Enjoying it but its a little stressful... Just landed a 0.6FTE at a supportive living facility (I'm in Alberta Canada, it's like LTC but less medical, defined as: "a secure, home-like environment with 24/7 care for residents." ). My job is 2 parts. I am the "on-site RN" who is the go-to guy for the LPNs and HCAs (NAs?) and writing care plans and talking with families. I will also be doing education and in-services. So my questions are: My medical experience is less than finely tuned. What should I do to prepare? What should I focus on reading? What are the top issues I need to familiarize myself with? The care ranges from relatively independent seniors to a secure dementia unit to patient requiring total care. Thanks!!!