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Maternal Child Health
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AnnaOBRNC is a BSN, RN and specializes in Maternal Child Health.

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  1. AnnaOBRNC

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2020

    @Kristin.A RN The status still says "submitted". No status change since the day of application submission.
  2. AnnaOBRNC

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2020

    Hello everyone! So I had my group (5 of prospective students and 2 faculty members) interview from 10 to 11. I had issues connecting and tuned in last while the faculty was already speaking to everyone. The questions were general. Tell us about your experience, why FNP and why SBU. Then what is NP and where do you see yourself in 5 years. It was nerve-wracking as some people have extensive work/life experiences and it's hard to not be repetitive and stand out. I am glad that it's over but not feeling particularly great about it. They mentioned that there are a lot of applicants and more to be interviewed. ONLY 60 spots in the program!!! The decision will be emailed in late February and if accepted, you have a week to respond. Anyone else has interviews coming up? good luck to us all!
  3. AnnaOBRNC

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2020

    That's really good! Is yours also via zoom?
  4. AnnaOBRNC

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2020

    I submitted my application on 11/11 and heard from them exactly 3 weeks later on 12/2 ( yesterday). I am surprised that the interview is via Zoom instead of in-person like all the previous years.
  5. AnnaOBRNC

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2020

    Hello everyone! Anyone was contacted to set up an interview via Zoom yet? I have one next Monday at 10 am. I am feeling excited and anxious and wanted to see if anyone will be with me at that time.
  6. AnnaOBRNC

    Stony Brook Adult-Gerontology NP SUMMER 2020

    @se56 When did you apply? How soon were you offered an interview? Did the status of application change? I applied a week ago and the status says Submitted. No communication from them as of now.
  7. AnnaOBRNC

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2020

    Hello everyone! I am also finishing up my application (waiting for the last recommendation) and will submit shortly. I am applying for FNP. Has anyone been interviewed yet? How was the process? Good Luck to all of us!
  8. AnnaOBRNC

    Stony Brook University FNP Summer 2019

    Hello everyone! I plan to apply for Stony Brook FNP program to start in summer of 2020. Can any of you describe how the interview process was and what kind of questions were asked. Thanks in advance!