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    What’s it like in imaging?

    Dianah, you hit the nail on the head! I talked to them today and everything you said is exactly what she told me to expect. I won’t be the only ACLS person as there will always be an MD on site and 3 others (2 RN’s, CMA, and exercise physiologist) . It sounds like you have a ton of experience in this field! Thank you for your great response!
  2. McAwesome

    What’s it like in imaging?

    Hi All! Im considering taking a job at a cardiology clinic and the position is in imaging. So it’s nuclear stress tests, Echos, stress echos, MRI/CT’s. Does anyone do this and if so, what’s it like for you? I have a great job currently in a surgery center but I’m looking at getting closer to home and I love cardiology. Also, I’d be leaving a hospital setting for a clinical setting which makes me super nervous. Thanks for any advice or personal stories!!
  3. Hello! I’m moving from Alaska to Oregon and wondering about keeping my Alaska license while getting my Oregon license. We may at some point return to Alaska but are unsure as of now. Neither are compact states. How easy (if even possible) is it to be licensed in both states? Do I have to be actually living in Oregon before I apply? I plan on working in Alaska up until we leave. I’ve called the BON in both states but neither are taking calls at this time. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hello! I'm hoping someone can help! What schools out there accept nationally accredited nursing school credits? I may leave my program (more than half way through) and my options are looking very slim. My program requires passing ATI's after each term and even if you pass the class but fail the ATI you are withdrawn from the program. IF you are accepted for re entry, you are placed into the next class that could be up to 40 weeks behind! Are all schools like this? Thanks!