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  1. I’m having a VERY hard time getting a 12 almost 13 year old type 1 diabetic to understand the seriousness of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus. She was diagnosed young but comes from a less than ideal home situation. We (home health nursing) were actually brought in by CYS after the parents were reported for medical neglect. Her sugars spike and plummet, she will not do capillary tests when there isn’t staff present. She will be in the 300s,400s for days when unstaffed. We’ve tried positive re-enforcement, reward systems,punishments, etc. Nothing has worked because we have no parental follow through. This little girl’s only shot at maintaining her sight and limbs, is for HER to care about her health. We’re looking into setting up consoling and I feel that will help to so degree. However, she still doesn’t seem to understand why we are all so concerned about her glucose levels. I feel like seeing someone near her own age with severe complications from uncontrolled diabetes might help her understand the seriousness of her condition and what this path of non-compliance leads to. She can be such a sweet girl, I don’t want to see these thing happen to her. Im open to ANY TIPS, SUGGESTIONS, OR ADVICE!