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  1. Hi there!

    I saw your post on the Stanford New Grad thread and it seems like our situations are a bit similar.

    I also grew up in the Bay Area and am going to nursing school out of state with mostly customer service work experience. I am graduating this December and am going to apply to the next cohort.  I am concerned that not doing clinicals, etc at the hospital puts me at a disadvantage.  I am wondering if you possibly have any advice for me about what you did to stand out etc.

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Nutella10

      Nutella10, BSN, RN

      Hey! sorry I keep meaning to respond and keep forgetting to do so! So I applied with zero healthcare experience and I made it all the way to the last round of interviews (Still waiting to hear back if I am offered a position). I really don't think doing clinical in the area put you at an advantage and vice versa. The only advantage it could bring is understanding the mission and values of Stanford better if you did clinical there... if that makes sense. My LOR were from a first semester clinical instructor and a last semester clinical instructor and i think it helped that they not only talked about my behavior in clinical but also as a person and with my colleagues. I volunteer with the red cross as an RN so that may help and I took an extra course my last semester about health equity. There are essay questions that you will have to answer in the application so maybe I got extra points there as well. Feel free to ask any more questions 🙂