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  1. My husband is interested in becoming a nurse. He holds 2 bachelors degrees so that thought of getting an ADN or BSN is a little crazy to him. Does anyone know of a program online (with local clinical) or in Kentucky that will accept someone with a non-nursing degree? Thanks!
  2. TheGoodWifeLife

    Refresher... how to prep?

    I have been an LPN since 2016. I have pretty much worked in AL the whole time with some LTC mixed in. Most recently I have been a Director of Resident Care for an AL facility. We are relocating back to our home town and I have the opportunity to take a night shift LTC role which will allow me to return to school. I start in October. I want to use my time until then refreshing and preparing. What should I study so that I can hit the ground running?
  3. TheGoodWifeLife

    Working LTC Nightshift— tips?

    Hello! I have been an LPN for 3 years. I graduated in Kentucky. I have been working as a Director of Resident Care for an assisted living facility in Georgia. In July we are moving back to Kentucky. I have enrolled at my old school to continue on to earn my RN. My classes begin in October. Because of this, I have decided to accept a position in LTC 12hr night shift. I have never worked nights as a nurse, but I have in another position many years ago. The shift is perfect for my family because we have kids and my husband works crazy day shift hours. Nights will allow me 4 days off, the ability to go to my kids school programs sometimes, and the ability to take my RN classes. My main concern is figuring out a good schedule for myself and figuring out what night nurses do all evening? Any tips for a smooth transition? Luckily our home is 3 stories so I can have separation from anything else going on when my husband and kids are home during my sleeping time. We are trying to get prepared so that this all goes well. Thanks!
  4. TheGoodWifeLife

    I should be happy with this new "dream" job

    I am an LPN, but I went to work for a derm office when I got out of nursing school. Like you, I found it boring. Not easy really, just boring. I got to the point that I hated going to work. The schedule was great, as was all the free lunches, but I still hated it. Ironically, I had the same issue of catty office girls. I did not fit in at all, which made it worse. They wouldn’t tell me where things were and would act so disgusted if they were asked to show me something new. I quit after a few months. I didn’t become a nurse to do something I hated. There are other day shift nursing roles. Maybe you could begin looking into those? Life is short. Do a job you love.