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  1. wannab1crna

    Bank of America loans

    I don't have a maximizer loan, but do have the stafford loan thru BOA, it only took a week or so seemed like to get approval... what is the difference with the educational maximizer loan?
  2. wannab1crna

    CCRN or not?

    Speaking of this certification, I am starting CRNA school in a week, my CCRN expires in December...any reason I should renew it?
  3. wannab1crna

    Paying for CRNA School, military

    Hello, i am in the navy reserve. I don't know if there are any specific programs for the air force, but you probably can get the reserve gi bill--it's only $297 monthly, but anything helps... also, with the navy they have a program called Medical In Training, or MIT. It allows you to get your monthly drill pay for attending class, like a rescheduled drill, or flex drill. So, there's another $300-500/month, depending on your rank. I know that if you are a new accession to the navy, they have a stipend program where they pay you like $1200/month to go to school. I was already in so i didn't qualify for that (didn't seem fair). Anyway, there ARE programs out there, may be different for Air Force, but you should check with recruiting first, talk to someone who KNOWS about the medical programs. Contact a CRNA in the air force as well. I really had to dig to find the info I did, it was like it was some kind of secret. Either way, you will probably still have to take out student loans--CRNA school is very expensive (i.e.$11,000/semester). Good Luck, Julie
  4. wannab1crna

    Texas Wesleyan--You ready?

    Here, here...last day of work was yesterday....have a lot to do before school starts. I don't think my mind set is there yet for school though, trying to iron out all the details still. Any ideas on how to mentally prepare myself?
  5. wannab1crna

    Preparing for interviews

    I got accepted to TWU! Interview there went much better than TCU...
  6. wannab1crna

    Starting TWU Fall 2006?

    Hello all, I will be starting at TWU in the Fall/06 as well. Yes, I am very anxious and excited not knowing what all to expect. I got Lubbock as my clinical site--which is where I wanted. I also have issues with leaving my family. I am thinking that once I start and get an idea of time/study etc., I can better judge if I can handle having family there. It will be difficult with or without them:o but I know we can make anything work! Would love to meet other classmates! See ya'll soon.
  7. wannab1crna

    TCU/Wesleyan Interviews

    I recently had my interview at TWU and was told they interviewed 450 and will be accepting 100.
  8. wannab1crna

    TCU/Wesleyan Interviews

    Well, both of my interviews are done Frankly, I don't think I interviewed well for TCU, just got bad vibes during the whole thing. I had the last interview of the day, it only lasted 30 minutes. The main interviewer looked very tired and the second interviewer walked in just as I was starting my clinical questions--about 15 min into it... My anxiety level was extremely high and they looked disappointed to hear that I had made application to TWU. Is there some underlying tension between these two programs? I also felt very overdressed. I had on a very classy black pinstripe business suit. I felt I had much better luck with the TWU interview. The interviewers were much more relaxed, again, I was the last interviewed for that day. I have heard nothing from either school...hope the boat has not sailed without me as this has been a long journey to get to this point.
  9. wannab1crna

    Preparing for interviews

    I interview this coming week, will let you know how it turns out!
  10. wannab1crna

    TCU/Wesleyan Interviews

    Do any of you guys have any other information on more specific interview questions? My applications are almost complete. Do you think that last minute applications, just before the deadlines have any disadvantages? Any more interview info would be helpful at my anxieties!
  11. wannab1crna

    Preparing for interviews

    Any information would be helpful, thanks
  12. wannab1crna

    Preparing for interviews

    I have made application to two crna schools in Texas and need advice about what kinds of questions to expect and the best way to prepare for the interview board? Please help... wabbab1crna:idea: