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  1. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Hey! @lariasvazquez I’d be interested in meeting up if there’s others that are also wanting to do so! Thanks so much for offering that, and congrats to you for almost being done!
  2. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    I received mine also! So excited! @Jennifer Jerman Van Orden @ibeupupandaway
  3. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    @sammiep.perry Thanks for being so helpful and congrats on making it through the program, I am excited for you! I was wondering if the PBCNP students get a chance to do any kind of preceptorship or immersion clinical during the last semester?
  4. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Was this an email that was sent to all applicants? I didn’t receive an email.
  5. ASU Post Bacc - 2019

    Thanks Sammiep! I don't plan on missing days, but was just curious how it all works since the program is only one year and I'm sure missing just one day of anything is rough! How has the program been so far for you?
  6. ASU Post Bacc - 2019

    Can someone please tell me what the school schedule is like as far as when your breaks are? Specifically if someone could tell me if you get Labor Day in September off? What is the policy as far as missing 1 day of class or clinicals? thanks!