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  1. PMHNP Man

    Downsizing Military Medicine

    It would be a good idea to beat the crowd and do that. Navy had some good options in the past. I live in a landlocked state and there was still a USNR detachment there. I forget the Navy's lingo for it. I think Army and Navy have historically offered more incentives if that's of interest to you.
  2. PMHNP Man

    Life after NP...

    When I speak of burn out, I don't explicitly mean I'm tired of rendering psychiatric care. Left to my own devices, I'm ok. Working *with* the healthcare system is what I'm tired of. I work a lot of jobs on top of a full-time position because it's easy to make money doing what I do. That certainly reduces ones innate drive to jump out of bed and rush to work to see another patient. However, if I could practice in whatever way I wanted I'd be ok. I loathe the bureaucracy because it fills the day with things that don't matter. I like business. I like administration, but I don't think I want to be a healthcare administrator charged forced to swallow the pill and act fancy for TJC (when accreditation doesn't mean anything intellectually) and bargain for increased quality through processes that fail to improve outcomes and only wear out employees. And to put it this way, I don't know what I want to do when I grow up (but I'm grown) so following Victor Frankl my purpose is to merely live and do that next thing that any thing that lies before me.
  3. PMHNP Man

    Good sources for learning how to interpret CTAs

    I don't even know what a CTA is...
  4. PMHNP Man

    Anyone work from home?

    I do some telemedicine work, and it's generally very lucrative for the minimal time commitment. It is, however, a side hustle. Does anyone do it full-time? How does it go being at home all the time? Do you miss getting out of the house?
  5. PMHNP Man

    Work-life balance?

    NP by far! Triple or quadruple the money to afford a better life No holidays No weekends No nights No excrement No scrubs Office Purpose Objective efficacy
  6. PMHNP Man

    new NP / x-ray reports

    You've articulately expressed you're unqualified to interpret the image so you can't. And shouldn't.
  7. PMHNP Man

    Joining AD after college as a 66T/ER nurse???

    I'm applying again for reserves. It's the last time I'll apply, and as a psychiatric nurse practitioner I feel like there's no hope. I need to close this chapter and move on. Last year they had one position, and I got hung up in a medical waiver (HTN) that took too long.
  8. PMHNP Man

    APRN Dual Certifications Benefits?

    I suppose if you're in an independent practice state you can do whatever you want. You'll find a lot of psych inpatient units that sometimes require the rounding psych provider to do H&Ps and tend to all the medical voodoo. Idk how/if you can code a H&P and psych eval on same day/same provider. Addictions units might find that duality beneficial. Drug addicts like jail inmates suddenly develop all kinds of problems and complaints while in treatment. Aside from that, in psych outpatient practice, nobody has time (or desire) to treat the medical "stuff." Me: "You'll have to take that up with your primary care.' Patient: "I don't have primary care right now." Me: "Might ought to find one. See ya in ____ months."
  9. PMHNP Man

    Life after NP...

    Epidemiologic Intelligence Service? Kate Winslet's character in Contagion. Awesome movie
  10. PMHNP Man

    DNP - Nursing Education

    The school I'm affiliated with (as a grad and adjunct faculty) has a DNP that with four extra courses you get the education credentials. Yes, more clinical is required although I have no idea what dnp clinical consists of.
  11. PMHNP Man

    Life after NP...

    I wonder about this every thirty minutes or so. I'm a bit tired of routine clinical work, but I'm not in a season of life to return to school so I generally suck it up and keep slugging away at five jobs hoping to be without any at all debt.
  12. PMHNP Man

    MAT program

    I have a DATA 2000 waiver. It was easy to get and interesting. I haven't prescribed buprenorphine yet because of the log jam re-credentialing process at my employer. Also, the nurse board makes it a burden so I'm thinking about surrendering the waiver. I'm not terribly interested in addictions anyway. Conversely, since Jan. 1, I've probably prescribed my weight in naltrexone tablets and a score of injections as well. No waiver or special qualifications required.
  13. PMHNP Man

    psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner salary

    All of that is best left to a private message. I like the patients in general mental health and enjoy working with them.
  14. PMHNP Man

    Joining AD after college as a 66T/ER nurse???

    You can enroll in ROTC as a graduate student (or post bacc) and not even finish the grad degree if ROTC and officership is the greater concern for you. You may or may not come out as a nurse in the end but at least you're reasonably likely to commission!
  15. PMHNP Man

    VA 72/80 schedule

    I don't think they can have 72 hour pay periods. All the floor nurses on units that operate 24/7 work one 8 hour pay day and six 12 hour days for a total of 80 hrs. It seems like a real PITA to schedule. Physicians and dentists get 26 days per year. Every other Title 38 clinical employee (including nurses) gets 8 hrs leave per pay period (26) so you too get 26 days annual leave per year. You get four hours sick leave per pay period and can use that SL quite literally. There's really no deviation from this as I understand it. Also nurses get locality pay based largely on a survey system (see TMS) and it is quite different than the pay schedule for any kind of ____ doctor, and they're both very different than GS salary employees. Regardless, you just keep bugging the heck out of people until you're a Nurse III. You can only rise to GS 14 and as a nurse III (and NP) I make as much as the GS 14s and anybody making more than me makes more than the GS 15 medical center director which is a bit amusing given the director's hubris. So there's some salary and leave info.