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    Do I even have a chance

    Hi, I took the teas yesterday and scored a 72, which is what I needed so I’m content with it. My exact study regimen involved one full month of studying. I purchased the teas study guide and the mometrix. I also went through the entire question bank for A&P on the teas mastering app. I spent a lot of my time on anatomy and math bc those were my weakest subjects. Also I have not finished A&P so I had to spent a lot of time learning the major systems.I did not study at all for reading and that ended up killing my score (got a 66 on it). For English, I just chose a handful of rules to study that kept showing up on the practice tests. I also only scored a 68 on English, but again, I didn’t study much for it. It is a big test and one that I feel is challenging only in that you must know the tricks they try and use to trip you up. If you completely go through the ati guide and all the other materials that I used, then you will do fine! Im average and I had to study a lot for it the past month but it does pay off. You can do it!!