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  1. musiklover7000

    Quitting during probation/orientation

    Thank you all for the words of wisdom. I just feel that there is not enough constructive criticism from the upper level of management. My preceptor recently told me that I do not have the personality for the ER. In other words, I am far too timid for the ER. He then brought it to my attention that my other preceptors thought the same, and it was "such a problem" that the educators were notified. Now of course, this is the first time that I am getting wind of this....when my orientation is almost ending. I am not disagreeing with this statement, but I also think that my being quiet does not mean that I would not advocate for my patient. I just think at this point, I am better suited for a less, for lack of better words, "in your face" environment and I honestly feel very defeated.
  2. musiklover7000

    Quitting during probation/orientation

    Thank you for your response ruby_jane. I have tried speaking with the educators and it was a struggle even getting this extra week. My whole orientation has been so disorganized, and I did not feel supported throughout the entire process. I feel like I am just a number at this hospital. I understand that the patients here can be nasty, rude and are very sick. But my co-workers do not cultivate a nurturing environment for the new staff members. Everyone is quick to judge, and I always hear them speaking ill of others. The ER is already such a stressful place...the staff members make this particular ER a toxic place to work.
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to get some advice. I wanted to change departments and always wanted to try the ER. I wanted to sharpen my critical thinking skills and wanted to work in a busier environment. I eventually got hired as staff with experience, and not part of any fellowship program. Fast forward a couple of months, I have a week left of orientation and I absolutely hate the ER. I get super stressed going into work, almost to the point where I can mini panic attacks. I don't like how crazy busy things get and how I cannot give each patient the time they deserve. I also think that my personality doesn't fit the "ER culture." I thought as time went on, I would get used to the pace of things, but it's becoming more of the opposite for me. It's becoming obvious that the ER is not for me and I really want to quit but I don't want to burn bridges. What should I do?

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