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  1. Hey, all! I am curious as to how anyone and everyone in a similar situation handled this... I'll try to make it quick. I have been a nurse for 5.5 years. ED and neonatal background, currently working as flight RN. I am also a paramedic and spent 2 years working on the ambulance. All that to say, I have seen my fair share of pediatric tragedies. Drownings, abuse, general trauma, malignancies... you name it. I used to feel sad about it all, like we all do. But I never had it interfere with my job. I always was able to move on. I gave birth 5 months ago and along with my sweet baby boy, I developed this new sense of empathy. Since returning from FMLA, the critical pediatric patients I have cared for are older than my son. So far, these new and intense feelings haven't been an issue. Tonight, I ran across a news article about a mom finding her 5-month old baby dead in a van at daycare from being left in the heat for several hours. It instantly reduced me to tears. Like... Had to get up and go stare at my tiny human while I ugly cried over his crib. I just worry about potentially running into a call where the child that is my baby's age and potentially freezing. It has never been a problem before for me. I've always been able to focus on what I need to do to take care of my patients, no matter the age or situation. But these new feelings are still a little overwhelming to me at times and I worry it might rear its ugly head in the heat of the moment. I am just wondering if any other new mamas or dads went through this issue as well. Does it get better? Can I make it better? Were you able to dissociate yourself from those feelings in the heat of the moment when you DO finally get a patient that's your child's age? Any tips or advice would be appreciated... Thank you all.

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