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  1. KMcRN19

    Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?

    Update: I called talent acquisitions and informed them I want to apply for new positions yet stay in house with the company. She sets me up with a few med-surg interviews in the area, which im ok with to get my feet wet; within an HOUR the DON calls my cell phone. Trying to explain that staffing is bad everywhere (duh), it’s not as bad as I think (that’s why we have to shut half the ER down due to lack of staffing), they’re hiring 2 SWAT nurses, bringing back one RN (yeah the one they caught sleeping on the job in front of family members!) things will get better & more established after we get a new unit director / clinician, that we have plenty of experienced RN’s that aren’t planning on leaving (yeah, 5 of them. 4 full time... and that’s not what they tell me!) and that maybe I don’t realize that med/surg is stressful too & maybe I need to shadow before I interview there... I worked as an intern in their med surg, CCU, and 1 year of ER. I know how things differ between units. Sounds to me she is fully aware of the staffing situation and she is trying to not be one less RN. Thoughts?
  2. KMcRN19

    Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?

    Absolutely agree. I am in the state of PA so I’m not sure if we have an act like that, I definitely need to get in touch with that. The other thing that complicates everything is my boss’s last day was yesterday, so NOTHING was done about it at all. Currently waiting for them to hire a UD & new clinician too! So the entire structure of our ER is not there at all. It’s so sad to say that because I love the people I work(ed) with & it’s all. Changing. Nurses who have been there for 10+ years are leaving. But, my heart I don’t think this will set me up for success. I really appreciate all of your responses
  3. Looking for some advice. I have worked in this ER since last August as a PCT. we are the smallest ER/Hospital in our whole hospital-wide system. (14 ER beds) we recently lost 5 nurses at once while already being shorthanded. However, we did just gain one brand new grad nurse who started 2 weeks ago. And me, another grad nurse starting next month. I don’t think that offers a lot of help, considering we don’t have the experience... So we had a pretty busy day yesterday & had 2 RN’s & the graduate who was on orientation training. Her preceptor made her take her own 7 patient assignment alone, even though she explained to her that she does not feel comfortable doing so since she was on orientation for 2 WEEKS! That is so unsafe and scary! I don’t want to be put into a situation like that where I’ll put my license in jeopardy because they are short. I don’t know if I should try to switch jobs at this point (start date being June 10) or try to stick this out. This just seems like a good way to lose my license before I even get it!

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