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  1. Looking for some advice. I have worked in this ER since last August as a PCT. we are the smallest ER/Hospital in our whole hospital-wide system. (14 ER beds) we recently lost 5 nurses at once while already being shorthanded. However, we did just gain one brand new grad nurse who started 2 weeks ago. And me, another grad nurse starting next month. I don’t think that offers a lot of help, considering we don’t have the experience... So we had a pretty busy day yesterday & had 2 RN’s & the graduate who was on orientation training. Her preceptor made her take her own 7 patient assignment alone, even though she explained to her that she does not feel comfortable doing so since she was on orientation for 2 WEEKS! That is so unsafe and scary! I don’t want to be put into a situation like that where I’ll put my license in jeopardy because they are short. I don’t know if I should try to switch jobs at this point (start date being June 10) or try to stick this out. This just seems like a good way to lose my license before I even get it!