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  1. Hello everyone, Well I had the interview last Friday. It’s a charter school so the principal, assistant principal and the superintendent were the interviewers. I wasn’t to nervous I thought I had prepared well. (thanks to the advice I received here) There was one question I went blank on , “what would you do if the was an outbreak of lice in the school. I answered honestly and said I would have to review the schools policy in case of an “outbreak of lice”. The whole “outbreak” term threw me off. All other questions I answered without hesitation and thought I had good questions for them at the end. They did ask if I “retired” from my last job. I hope my age (young) 63 doesn’t hinder my chances to get this job. They were all very pleasant and the assistant principal and superintendent walked me out. I sent a thank you note hand written via the mail Friday after the interview. They said they would let me know by the end of this week. Im waiting and will let you all know when I hear anything. Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction to research this position! If I do get the position I’m sure I’ll be coming to Allnurses for advice, ideas etc... Thank you!
  2. Hello All, I have 40 years of geriatric experience and am interviewing for a School Nurse position this Friday. After 40 years do you think I can transition to a new area of nursing I have no experience in? Any helpful tips on what I should expect in the interview? I must say I haven't interviewed for a position in years and am extremely nervous! HELP PLEASE!