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  1. Hi Madmick, how strange to see my name (GC) in your posting after all this time! I too was at WPH from 67-71 doing my RMN. Even stranger, I actually visited the site only last year-first time..after almost 50 years! How strange and weird it was strolling around the grounds, admiring these grand houses and imagining what  Units/wards were sitting in their place so many years ago! Even the old Pinel House where I did an amazing secondment for three months. The front admission Units for male and female..the long term wards, the art therapy room etc. Even the male nurse accommodation over the front Unit. It was, for me, extremely nostalgic, funny,sad,emotional and represented a very happy and important stage of my life. Colleagues were really what made it so memorable as well as some excellent and powerful teachers on and off ward. I salute all who trained, worked and played there. I do think we made a difference. If anyone out there happens to read this, was there and wants to connect, then please do. I would be delighted to share my recollections - and hopefully reconnect with old colleagues and friends. George.


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