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  1. nurse nunu

    NCLEX Result in California

    California is random with posting their results! I've seen some where some people got their results within a week or less and others up to the full 6 weeks. I got mine in almost 3 weeks. It's just a waiting game now.
  2. nurse nunu

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    On the drop down menu under “Manage My Applications” I think, there should be an option to pay for your initial license.
  3. nurse nunu

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    So, I still haven’t received results or see my license on the bon or breeze website. Just called the bon and they said they sent a letter out to me in the middle of last week. Does it really take this long??? I’ve seen others get their results within days to a week in California. I guess it all depends on when you take the nclex and how many ppl are taking it at the time?
  4. nurse nunu

    PVT showed good pop up and bad pop up later

    Did you check again today?
  5. nurse nunu

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    Hi everyone! I took my exam May 18, 2019. Just wanted to ask those of you who have already gotten their results for NCLEX-PN in California, how long it took you to find out you passed? Either on breeze, bon, or through mail. TIA!