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  1. nurse nunu

    PVT Accuracy June 2019

    Hi @riena_pie! I'm in California as well and it truly does suck that the state doesn't participate in quick results yet. But I just wanted to share my experience with you... Took my exam 5/18, checked my breeze account 5/21 and saw the option to pay for my initial license, 5/28 I received my "congratulatory" letter, and on 6/4 my license finally posted =) It took almost 3 weeks for me to finally see my license posted on the bon. In the first week after taking my exam, I constantly checked the bon for my name and I also kept doing the PVT trick. All you can really do now is wait. Good luck!
  2. nurse nunu

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    Saw the initial license application on my breeze account today and paid! Thank you!
  3. nurse nunu

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    Nothing yet. I have done the PVT trick and have been getting the "good pop up" every time. I know California takes a while with their processing, but wow I am so anxious! And it has only been 2 days
  4. nurse nunu

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    Hi everyone! I took my exam May 18, 2019. Just wanted to ask those of you who have already gotten their results for NCLEX-PN in California, how long it took you to find out you passed? Either on breeze, bon, or through mail. TIA!