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    NCLEX perplexed

    Hi all.. this is my first post to this site or any. I am so perplexed on what I should do and I am hoping I can get some honest opinions from people that don't know me. (Family and friends tend to be more biased) So .. my situation goes like this. I graduated with my ASN in 2016 from a school that just started the program. I was in their second class ever. I worked prior as a medical assistant for 3 years in a pcp office, so I had some medical knowledge. It was difficult going through school without any medication for my ADD, but I did graduate with a 3.8 - I was in a relationship at the time that allowed me to work part-time at a restaurant and focus as much as possible in school, so that was a huge benefit. Although it was still an enormous struggle!!! The school was trying to figure out their program, which I think wasn't beneficial to any of us. There were 8-10 of us by the time graduation came and I believe only 3-4 of us actually passed our boards and are working RN's. I took my boards within one month of graduating and failed. At the time it was the end of my marriage and even walking into my test, he called and we got into a HUGE argument. So to say that I was frazzled and didn't have the best support at home at such a crucial time, is to say the least. I wasn't able to retest after the 45 days like most. I actually went through a really bad divorce, we (my son and I) had to move out of the home - we stayed with my mom for a few months (as they were selling their home too) while I found stable employment, an apartment and got him settled into a new school. It was a huge transitional period and my boards had no option but to take a backseat. So, currently I am working in a neurologist office, I fell back on my medical assistant degree and have been here for 2 years (in October). I am at a place where I am secure and settled in my jobs (I work at the restaurant 2-3 nights a week still, as well as the office is a 9-5 job) I am back on my ADD medications and my son is doing well also. I feel like it could be time to revisit the NCLEX but I have no idea where to start. I've been using online reviews and I have free apps with NCLEX questions, but sometimes it's just extremely overwhelming. And then I read things that since I have been out for 3 years, I won't be able to find employment.. so all this added stress, on top of an exhausting lifestyle of 60 work hours/week and caring for my son and home, will be for nothing. But at the same time, that's a lot to just waste and it would be nice to have the RN income vs the MA income. Plus I feel like I am beyond my capabilities in this job and there's no advancement as it is a private practice. Has anyone else been through or know anyone that has been in this situation and can help with where to start!? Maybe help me to find an affordable and effective review for a single, hard-working mom? A little encouragement and positivity would be nice, no one knows I am rethinking my boards. Thank you in advance!