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  1. Nurse bae

    Help!!! Nurses: Have anyone graduated from MGCCC

    How was mgccc lpn - rn program? I applied for the summer hybrid program.
  2. Nurse bae

    Mgccc lpn to rn hybrid

    So there is 4 semester? I thought it was only 3 . We’re your test in class ? I heard all hybrid test are proctor from some reviews on here . Thanks for all your help
  3. Nurse bae

    Mgccc lpn to rn hybrid

    I have a group of friends that are in both . I work a weekend special & off Monday-Friday. My plan are to study during the week . So hybrid & in class are both getting the same information right ? One in online & one in class ? Do you think there test are difference from inclaas ?
  4. Nurse bae

    Mgccc lpn to rn hybrid

    Congratulations on graduating & seating for nclex . I got accepted to the lpn -rn hybrid for this summer. Any pointer on preparing for this program?
  5. Anyone applying for Mgccc lpn to rn for summer of 2019? I’m still awaiting my acceptance letter! 

  6. Nurse bae

    Mgccc lpn to rn hybrid

    Hello I applied to the summer 2019 Lpn to RN . I’m still awaiting my results ! How is the program going

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