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  1. Desertrat94

    Pre-nursing students: Did you dislike your CNA class?

    Exactly!!! I picked up on the material so quickly because I could cross reference it with material I already knew from previous courses. I was definitely a bit bored! I definitely have a higher interest in peds than I do geriatrics.
  2. Desertrat94

    Pre-nursing students: Did you dislike your CNA class?

    I did a little hands on but not a whole lot because I was taking the time to take everything in. I’m a person who takes time to adjust to the environment...not voluntarily, unfortunately. I did however love my patients in the nursing home. A lot of them had incredible stories and I had a lot of heart touching moments. But I’m thinking that not being able to do more and also being limited to a very narrow point in the broad field of nursing was probably why I wasn’t too fond of the class itself. And yes, all the little things like toileting and bathing are just pieces to the whole nursing care puzzle.
  3. Hi everyone, I applied to an RN program for Fall 2019. I finished my CNA class this spring because it was a requirement. I ended up not liking the clinicals. Half of them were at a nursing home, the other half at the hospital. Not my cup of tea just shadowing a CNA. Just wondering if anyone else didn’t care for their CNA clinicals. This has been bothering me because it makes me wonder if I won’t like nursing either, and it’s making me question if nursing really is the right career path for me. Thanks!