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  1. Hiiiii if anyone is looking for a roommate in the Scottsdale, AZ area, let me know!! I just graduated with my BSN and accepted a job at Banner Health starting in August! 

  2. Banner Health New Grad RN Program

    I just got hired as an out of state New Grad without taking my NCLEX! I take it July 25th and just made sure to tell them that when they emailed me!! Also If anyone else is starting in August with the new grad program and needs a roommate I’d defini...
  3. Hello!!

    I'm a new nurse who just accepted a nursing position with Banner Health East Valley in Arizona within the New Grad Program! I'm relocating from Colorado and was wondering if anyone is looking for roommates, or how to go about finding a possible roommate when moving to a brand new state! All suggestions are welcome!!! 

    Thanks ?

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    2. nursegirl12


      The residency programs at Banner Health start every couple weeks depending on staffing needs! I applied in June/July and started in September! I get what you mean though, Other hospitals only have 1 or 2 nurse residency programs per year that have a set application date And whole process. Banner Health is different in that sense!

    3. jburdick


      Did you have to have your RN license number before being able to actually apply?? Also, how are you enjoying it so far? 

    4. nursegirl12


      I didn’t, I just gave them the date that I was taking the NCLEX. And I interviewed about a week or two before I took my NCLEX and got the job, but they told me they couldn’t officially offer me a position until I passed. Also I’m not going to sugar coat it and say it’s all rainbows and butterflies but I do like it and am learning lots! 

  4. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program Summer/Fall 2019

    Oh bummer!! Do you happen to know when the next set of applications open?!
  5. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program Summer/Fall 2019

    Hey, random question for you! I just graduated from nursing school in May 2019 and am looking into the nurse residency program for the October start! when did the application period open/close for the October cohort? most residency programs that I'm ...