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  1. JJBookman

    Please I need HELPPPP! I failed NCLEX-RN five times.

    What does the NCLEX Candidate Performance Report that you got in the mail say are your weakest areas? This report shows how you performed in each of the test plan content areas and tell what content areas you are weakest in. Compare the latest report to the other previous reports youve received and Use them as a guide to prepare you so when you retake the exam you’ll be good and ready.
  2. JJBookman

    How Soon After Graduation Did You Take NCLEX?

    I took the NCLEX-RN almost a few month ago graduating because it took about 3 weeks to get your ATT. Plus, when I looked online, there were not that many open spots to pick from (only 4 or 5 spots) and most of the spots were at 8:00am. So, I waited until next month to see what the schedules would be and, come to find out, the schedules were almost the same as the previous month’s. So, I had choice but to take on a Monday at 8AM.
  3. JJBookman

    What NCLEX apps should I have on my phone?

    I used NCLEX RN mastery, ATI RN mentor, UWorld NCLEX, NCSBN RN flash cards, and mosby’s NCLEX RN, Saunders. I would recommend using Kaplan, too, but I Don’t think Kaplan has an app to study for the NCLEX.
  4. JJBookman

    Where do patients go?

    “In your state, where do patients go who still need medical management but are being discharged from acute care? Are they going to a facility that medically manages them?” they are normally transferred to a skilled nursing facility or LTACH.
  5. JJBookman

    PVT showed good pop up and bad pop up later

    I hear RN Mastery is very good study tool. You buy in the App Store and pay $30 for one month trial. What I used to study was ATI, Kaplan, and NCSBN learning extension.
  6. JJBookman

    How Soon After Graduation Did You Take NCLEX?

    To increase your chance of passing, you should take the NCLEX as early as possible. I believe years ago when I took the The NCLEX-PN, I took it a couple months after I graduated. That’s because I waited so long to get my ATT. the continental testing in my state moves slow. I passed it. Then, Years later When I took the NCLEX-RN, It was almost a few months after me graduating from the adn program took it. I passed it again. The college that I went to also used ATI and my probability of passing was I think 97%.
  7. JJBookman

    Approximate time to find a LPN job?

    It largely depends on what parts of Illinois you want to get a job in. In What county in Illinois do you want to apply for jobs?
  8. JJBookman

    Accepted !!!!!

  9. JJBookman

    What do we need to buy?

    Buy a storage clipboard, book bag, and laptop
  10. JJBookman

    Did I already screw up my nursing career?

    Just Keep looking for jobs. Apply to nursing home and clinics if you have to. But don’t list the hospital Job that you quit On your resume and don’t list this nurse manager ask a reference. Good luck.
  11. JJBookman

    Live in lpn

    You’ll have to go through The department of aging. Maybe see if the state will pay for home health aide or cna care.
  12. JJBookman

    1 hour drive to school

    You don’t need to graduate from a LPN program in order to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam if you say you were in your last semester of the ADN program. In Illinois, in order to be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN, you only need to complete the first year of the ADN program and complete a nursing elective. You should research what your state’s eligibility requirements are to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). In some states, Just Semesters 1 and 2 constitute the LPN certificate program.
  13. JJBookman

    UIC BSN Program Help please!

    I don’t know. Why did you say youve received an offer from uic if you did not complete all the required prerequisites and admission requirements? Did you drop these two classes? Is that why you will not be able to complete them? I would suggest you call the nursing department on Monday and they answer all your questions.

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