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    Switching from EPIC to Meditech

    Morning, I just wanted a few opinions on switching from using EPIC to Meditech. I have worked at a med-surg unit for 2 years using EPIC and loved using it. I got a new job at a different hospital (oncology) and they are using Meditech for charting. I was a brand new nurse at my old hospital and only know EPIC for charting. So far it's been almost 5 weeks at my new hospital and the system layout is so frustrating and it gives me a headache. It takes me forever to find simple things such as fingersticks, vital signs, and orders. This hospital also still does some paper orders too. I'm not sure how I can get accustomed to using Meditech. It feels as if I have gone back in time. Have any of you gone through this? Any tips? So far, I do enjoy this new job but feel as if I am not catching on. Thanks for reading!
  2. NurseKristy2090

    Anyone OCCC

    Anyone heard anything yet?
  3. NurseKristy2090


    Anyone know anything about the career ladder program? Have they sent any emails out yet? Deadline was May 3.