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    Return to nursing possible? Looking for advice/similar experiences.

    So I'm not the only one, huh? I worked three years med/surg full time (days) when I had little children. I left full time when I realized I was missing every important milestone with them (whether having been at work or exhausted at home) and changed to per diem for about a year. I then left the bedside and went to a clinic position thinking the 9-5 type hours would fit in better. I was rushing them to early drop off every morning and picking them up at after school when it was dark. I hated every day of it and realized that I was just. burnt. out. I was embarrassed, to say the least, that I had worked so hard to get my RN and was seriously questioning the whole profession. I've been home full time for almost 3 years now. My kids are older now, get to and from school on their own and I obtained my BSN while I was home. I loved bedside nursing, but I love being a mom WAY more. I am trying to find part time or PD position, but I believe that being away more than even a year puts me at the very bottom of the pile (plus being away from the bedside for even more). I was thinking of the refresher course also, and, other than the previous poster above who had success, I keep hearing they were a waste of money. I live in a big city, so maybe being in a rural area helped? Anyway, I'm in this boat with you. Why is a profession with one of the highest amount of women in it so averse to rehiring us when it's a fact we are the usual caretakers of our children? I'm seeing a lot of job postings with "new grads welcome" lately....how come no "returning to bedside" jobs out there? I have more than a clue of how it's done. I agree that I need some refreshing....but I had absolutely NO CLUE what I was in for when I was a new nurse, and now I do. I know the questions to ask, how to handle tough situations, and when to admit I don't know how to do something....all the things I didn't when I was new. So, cheers to us. The ones who chose possible career suicide when we chose our hearts and souls. Heck, if nothing else, I'm even considering learning botox injections! No lie....but, sigh...I love making people FEEL better rather than LOOK better ;) Hang in there.....oh and also, I read an article to look into outpatient dialysis as those institutions usually have training. I have recently submitted a resume...we'll see. Good luck. You're not alone.