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    Hi @RNAnna2016, @MRSANurse-a is right. Not much has changed since she graduated. Everything she is explaining sounds current to me. Exams are easy, we don't have that many. Yeah, it's open books or whatever resources you want to use. It's easy! ...
  2. NCLEX Assistance

    Try Washington, New Jersey, or even New York! You can test as many times as possible. I know many who have tested through Washington and New York. You can test in your state through those states. You don't have to travel there. Call them or go to the...

    Hi @RNAnna2016, Sorry, I tagged the wrong person on my previous post oppsss ?? I was using my phone. However, @MRSANURSE-a did help me answer my questions about NMHU. Very thankful for that :))) It was the right choice for me. I really lik...

    Hi @MRSANurse-a, I really like NMHU so far. Professors are great and very helpful. Nothing like nursing school! Some classes require essays and some require tests, most classes require discussions submission and commenting to fellow classmates p...
  5. Can I Quit Without Notice?

    Hi @nursebeth, What did you end up doing? What decision did you make? Take care.

    @MRSANurse-a, I am almost half way through the program. I really like the professors so far! I want to thank you again ? I hope you are doing well. You take care.

    Hello @MRSANurse-a, thank you. I did choose NMHU over GCU. Thank you so much for helping me decide. I feel good about my decision. Do you have any advices for any classes or the whole program? One thing I am very nervous about is writing papers becau...
  8. New RN over overtime

    I know it’s an old post but what did you end up doing? My job had me work over 80 hours continuously without any day off. One day I had to call in because I had got my second covid vaccine and didn’t feel good and I was also so exhausted to work anym...
  9. Passing NCLEX RN after 8 YEARS!

    https://www.doh.wa.gov/LicensesPermitsandCertificates/NursingCommission/NurseLicensing/ApplyforaLicense @ejmoon7845 You apply to their BON as an out of state applicant and then take the exam through their state and after you pass the exam, ...
  10. Passing NCLEX RN after 8 YEARS!

    @ejmoon7845, try Washington or New Jersey! You don’t have to go to those states to take it. You take it in your own state. Go to either of those states’ BON website and fill up the application for out of state applicants. Website will tell you what t...
  11. Passing NCLEX RN after 8 YEARS!

    I wanted to suggest everyone to try UWorld for questions and if you want to review materials, there are many books etc. Though, I feel like as you do questions, you start to understand so many things and you start to remember it too with repetition o...
  12. Passing NCLEX RN after 8 YEARS!

    @ejmoon7845, try Washington or New Jersey. All the best! Never give up.
  13. Passing NCLEX RN after 8 YEARS!

    @xuichloe, those states should be able to help you. You can pick and choose which state works for you after your research. Keep us updated on your journey! UWorld is really good for NCLEX. All the best! Yes, please never give up. I know many nurses w...
  14. Passing NCLEX RN after 8 YEARS!

    @xuichloe, you can try New Jersey or Washington. I believe they don’t have timeframe after graduation. Good luck and never give up! You got this!
  15. University of Cincinnati FNP spring 2019

    Hi guys. How is the program going for you? I am considering the FNP program in the future. All the best wishes!