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  1. imshula

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    @ICUman Hey there! My husband just got a job offer out in Las Vegas and we are having to move pretty suddenly to Las Vegas here and I am in search for jobs. Just wanted to say your threads have been so helpful. Ive read some and have been able to apply to a couple jobs. Do you have any recommendations for a nurse with 6 years of experience with the last 3 being in Medical ICU setting as well as one travel ICU float experience under my belt? I did apply to a job at UMC and a job at St Rose Sienna campus. Ideally, I would like to work in a level 1 trauma center but I know that UMC is the only one in Nevada. What hospitals seem to have high RN satisfaction? What hospitals pay best? What hospitals get the most experience as a ICU RN? What hospitals should I avoid? Any pros, cons, suggestions, thoughts, etc are appreciated! Thank you so much!
  2. imshula

    Per Diem @ home while on assignment

    Hey! Yes I actually am doing that just right now. I started working with Medical Solutions and have been traveling nursing (make more than double income) full time while maintaining my at home job. Ive had to work a minimum of 8hrs per pay period which ends up being 2 eight hour shifts a month and it's very doable! I have never been called off. If you are hesitating to travel, don't! As a first time traveler this year, it has been a learning experience but overall, I'm happy I did it and the money is amazing! For my travel assignment, I've told my recruiter what I wanted. I wanted a job where they would let me work all days and they would let me have a blocked schedule where I get off every other weekend (5 days in a row) to be able to travel back home to fulfill my minimum hours. It took a few tries but my recruiter was amazing and she really helped me get exactly what I wanted. Good luck to you!