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    AANP FNP 2021

    Day 1: Truthfully, there’s no fat to trim in the Leik book. You need to know it all. What I’ve done is read the first section which outlines the “how to” and addresses some common questions about the process plus test. For me, I’m already aware of the process, except the book helped with establishing how to schedule to retest. Retesting authorization is a process, but I say submit the required information and pay the fees as soon as possible because it will be a wait to get authorization. What I ran into was a hiccup with PSI system with allowing me to schedule a date even with authorization. If this occurs for you, call PSI directly. They were very helpful and we tried to resolve the issue via phone, but ultimately the representative scheduled my test for me. I’m use to having a computer in my face and found myself nodding off when reading the hard copy of the book. If your like me, download a copy of the pdf and save it to your email to access from any device anywhere at your convenience. Make sure to read the content when your most alert and have the least amount of distractions, for me this is in the morning and early evening. I’m currently reviewing HEENT section and making short-hand notes as if I am in class. That way I can review my notes again instead of reading the book again, like I’ve seen in other posts. Do what is best for you, what works for you. There is no bad way to approach studying, its the way you best remember material. Download the FNP Leik app on your phone and laptop/ computer to complete questions on each section as you finish. Happy studying my friend. Keep going!
  2. Dora The Explorer

    AANP FNP 2021

    Hello, I’m scheduled to take the FNP AANP test in June. I’ve taken it once before in November 2020 and I can admit, “I wasn’t prepared.” I personally evaluated myself right after failing and tried to think of what could be done better. The screen itself seems very prehistoric and displays that beautiful 1 question with 4 answer options. I did not get a variation in question styles. I personally felt the test correlated with the Leik book directly. I took the Leik review after failing and submitted my certificate of completion. I decided to reach out to this forum to stay motivated, document my progress to completion and help others. The Covid pandemic is a hard enough pill to swallow, as I am one of many nurses that lost their job due to Covid. I now find myself trying to charter through this test as my primary project and move on to greater terrains. Initially, I found myself having a hard time concentrating on reading the book in its entirety. I have to “tell the truth, shame the Devil.” Now, I’ve taken time to download the pdf copy and read it when every day distractions disappear. That’s usually between 3 or 5 am in the morning. I’m making flash cards over each section. My thought process is if I can quiz myself and identify my weaknesses, I can review the material accordingly and move on to the next section. It’s time consuming, but as many other things that occur: “This to shall pass.” Good luck to everyone. I look forward to any and all feedback plus reaching the finish line.
  3. Dora The Explorer

    Help with FNP Boards

    I graduated in December 2018 and had some health problems that caused a delay in testing. I’m now scheduled for July to test with AANP and am just starting to study. I’m super nervous! I plan on doing Leik and Hollier. Making flash cards over Leik book. Any pointers are highly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Dora The Explorer

    AANP FNP May 2019 Passed!

    Thanks for the feedback. I made notes on everything you said to do. I had a quick question. You said after covering daily topics you did APEA questions on those topics. Where do I find the APEA questions? Wasn’t sure if it was available on an app, website, or a book you used. Thanks in advance.
  5. Dora The Explorer

    AANP FNP May 2019 Passed!

    Congratulations on passing! I have graduated and it is time for me to buckle down. I've trolled this website before and was more interested in feedback of a recent passing person. I have an accumulation of study material given to me by students that passed and didn't want the review stuff anymore from social media sites. I think I have just about every book and cd known to the preparation world of studying. I'm thinking of just studying Leik, Hollier and using a few extra books as references. My test is in July. I recently quit my job to buckle down and study. I'm pretty nervous about the process of passing. Your post has made me consider taking a pre-test to give myself a baseline to where I am. I never considered doing this before, thanks. If you have anymore tips to share, I would definitely be interested. I'm really curious on your day to day study plan.