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  1. Meghan3332

    I’m giving up on Nursing

  2. They also require you to put $5000.00 down to even start the program.
  3. Medical terminology isn’t a requirement but I will talk to the nursing department.
  4. I applied everywhere lol even out of state
  5. I just passed Hx with an A
  6. They also saw how exceptionally well I did in nursing school but they want the cumulative score to equal at least a 3.0
  7. All of my sciences required I have either As or Bs. So basically take classes I don’t need to get my gpa up?
  8. My sciences are good. I went to a university right out of high school and took bs classes I did retake my comps and speech however those classes that were not nursing related I failed. I can not retake because it would be coming out of my pocket. There’s really no reason for me to retake them because I’m no longer a philosophy major. I hope that helped.
  9. I can’t retake classes that I passed. I was a freshmen in college and my transcript reflects that I just don’t think it’s fair to count a transcript that’s 11 years old when our sciences aren’t even accepted if their 5 years old. However I believe in things just not working out because it’s just not your time.
  10. What are some good private colleges? I may have to move
  11. So I’ve been a LPN for 3 years. I’ve been trying to get back into school for LPN TO RN BRIDGE!!! They are calculating my gpa which was a 0.4 when I first went to college fresh out of high school. It’s brought my gpa down a lot. So now I’m getting denial letters left and right. My gpa with those grades is a 1.9 where at the school of nursing I went to it is a 2.5. I’m just losing all hope and faith!!

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