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  1. Wayne State CRNA 2020

    It says late September/early October on their website. So probably in the next 2-3 weeks. I will post if I here anything. Good luck!
  2. Wayne State CRNA 2020

    Hello everyone, I am starting this forum for anyone applying to Wayne States CRNA program. Does anyone know when they are going to start contacting candidates for interviews?
  3. CRNA School, what are my odds?

    Wow, my RN-BSN program is like yours, you need a 100% to get a 4.0, lol. Did you go to Oakland University, thats where I went.
  4. CRNA School, what are my odds?

    Thanks for your input! I always wondered how they ranked CRNA schools. I applied to two schools this year. I am hoping I get in on the first try.
  5. CRNA School, what are my odds?

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if any CRNA's/SRNA's can tell me how likely am I to get an interview at a CRNA school? I have about 2 years of level 1 trauma MICU in a large teaching hospital. We get CRRT, post codes, lots of intubated patients on mu...