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Chicarol is a BSN and specializes in Med/surg.

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    Foreign ( Australia) RN seeking NY bon ATT

    Hi Gulachka44 I ve done my CVS through CGFNS. I have seen other people with deficiencies on different subjects. Mine is ped/obs both theroy and clinical Does the subject matters?? Does the NY bon issue ATT depends on which subject the applicant is lacking on ?? Mine is getting reviewed soon I think... Hoping everything will go well... Nervous...
  2. Hi I am foreign (Australia)educated nurse with bachelor degree. I can see lots of people posted about the deficiency on ped/obs My CES report stated deficiency on ped and obs both theroy and clinical hours and texas bon refused issuing ATT....because of that So now I have applied NY bon and waiting to see what happens... Question... Has anyone successfully received ATT from NY bon with deficiency on PED/OBS ??? Please anyone out there ???