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  1. Hey! Quick question, How was the casper test? I will be applying next year and probably will have the same GPA as you, and im very nervous because I heard Casper is very important.

    1. Shareesec


      Sorry for the late response on this! In my opinion, I feel like the hardest part is the timing, you just have to think quickly and rationally. I feel like as long as your answers are moral and human, I think that you should be okay. I didn't really study for it, I just looked at a few examples, some of the scenarios can be really morally challenging. But just explain your reasoning as best as you can and make a choice, don't speak on why both sides make sense. And read up on Casper tips and practice questions. I hope this was helpful! 

  2. Hey! Did you end up getting accepted? I'm also planning on applying so just wondering.

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    2. Sona19


      Ahh no worries! Good luck on your application!

      1) My overall GPA is 3.4/4 on a Uoft Scale and a 7/9 on York University.

      2) Honestly I was so nervous, I even  practice a week before the casper test just to get a feel of what questions I might encounter and how fast I respond. I think I was unable to answer two questions on the actual casper test due to very limited time. As you type your answer for one question, so many others answers are running through your head for that one particular question but then you realize there's a  second question for the scenario and you have a certain time limit. But, I must say I was a bit satisfy with it. I felt like I provided reasonable answers as to what I would do in a particular scenario. 

      I would advise you to practice few weeks before the actual test. You'll be fine!!

    3. Undergrad2020


      Yeah, I feel like I'll get overwhelmed by the time limit and everything. Is there a certain website you practiced from?

      Also the prerequisites we're supposed to take, I'm taking my psych and Philosophy right now. Which stats did you take? As well as which anatomy and physiology? I'm thinking of taking NATS1610. 

      and don't know about microbiology.

    4. Undergrad2020


      I'm really concerned about the Casper test since I sometimes struggle to think on the spot and like what I would do in a certain situation. Do you remember any particular examples or questions you were asked?

  3. Undergrad2020

    Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    Hey all, I was just reading this thread and wanted to ask a few questions since I'm planning to apply next year! Did anyone here get accepted into York? If you all dont mind me asking, what was your overall GPA plus your last 30 credits (On york scale). How was the CASPER for all of you that took it?