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Hi I’m looking to apply to nursing school. 

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  1. Any pros and cons at the College of the Mainland Nursing Program?
  2. Those who’ve been accepted, let's all stay updated.
  3. Lone Star Fall 2021 ADN

    Me too I haven’t received anything
  4. Lone Star Fall 2021 ADN

  5. Lone Star Fall 2021 ADN

    Congrats ?
  6. HCCS LVN program

    Congrats @Angelskys
  7. I received mines . I’m also was placed on the alternate list. I received my TBON card clearance yesterday and completed my drug test Monday. I’ve heard that people have been giving up their seats, because they were accepted other places. Just waiting...
  8. HCCS LVN program

    OK good luck!
  9. HCCS LVN program

    Did they say why you were rejected? I wish the process can move a little faster
  10. Lone Star Fall 2021 ADN

    OK thanks
  11. Lone Star 2021 fall ADN

    Hey Taylor! They have a thread. I’ve applied but score is like a 6.5 but I’ve applied to other schools.
  12. Lone Star Fall 2021 ADN

    Will I need to get the Hep B Series? Even though I submitted my Hep B Quantitative along with my application.
  13. HCCS LVN program

    @Angelskys me either . They only emailed me for an updated health insurance card. Hopefully that doesn’t set me back. Fingers crossed for us. congrats to everyone else that was accepted.
  14. Chamberlain College Pearland campus

    OK I just emailed you
  15. Chamberlain College Pearland campus

    Yes sure !