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SuperScrubsTiffany has 5 years experience as a LPN.

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  1. SuperScrubsTiffany

    FALL 2020 Suffolk County Community College SCCC

    Thanks so much for the quick response. Fingers crossed!
  2. SuperScrubsTiffany

    FALL 2020 Suffolk County Community College SCCC

    I applied for the LPN-RN program at Ammerman as first option, and Grant as second. I know the LPN-RN program has a Spring 2021 start. When do acceptance letters typically go out? Also, if you don't get accepted into the desired program, do they offer you a seat in the evening program? Due to COVID-19, I know the application deadline has been extended to September. Any information will help.
  3. SuperScrubsTiffany

    TEAS Remote Proctoring

    In my experience, an assessment code was sent days prior to the exam. You can enter it on the ATI website as soon as you receive it for access the day of your exam.
  4. SuperScrubsTiffany


    I borrowed the ATI book from a friend and I wasn't impressed. I used the Mometrix TEAS book, Khan Academy, and watched Youtube videos. I will say this even though it might be unrelated to your question. Study the English portion in detail! Math is basically algebra. I had some Chemistry questions along with A&P. Good luck!
  5. SuperScrubsTiffany

    Spring 2021 Suffolk County Community College Nursing Program

    I definitely miss being on campus, but I agree that doing it online is manageable.
  6. SuperScrubsTiffany

    nclex pn 205 questions

    I got 205 questions and I still passed! So don't let the amount of questions you got discourage you. I know people who got lesser questions that failed. Think positive!
  7. SuperScrubsTiffany

    Try A Healthy Dose of Smiling

  8. SuperScrubsTiffany

    TEAS -

    I will check out PatrickJMT too. Thanks a lot! :)
  9. SuperScrubsTiffany

    Just scored a 97.3% on the TEAS VI!!!

    Great insight! Thanks!
  10. SuperScrubsTiffany

    TEAS -

    Thanks for the insight. I have to take the TEAS before Aug 15. I've been doing practice questions every day. Any specific YouTube channels recommendations? When it comes to math, I like to watch each step.

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