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  1. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    should we be appling for loans before our financial aid interview? i often jump the gun and by doing that ruin the most successful path.
  2. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    so went to duke days today, very informative. Everyone that was there today, I was with my husband in group A, let me know if you were there so i can remember your faces. The estimated cost of tuition really threw me and I started doubting my accept...
  3. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    hey guys!!! im so excited to meet all of you! this is going to be tough but we got it, we are looking for a house to buy, i am moving a whole family up there. I am still in nutrition that will be over in august. Anyone have any suggestions on buying ...
  4. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    Congrats everyone!!! I will see you all there!! Please post any new information you receive regarding Duke Days, etc.
  5. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    Thank you @Brian R good luck everyone!
  6. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    nice @alliebee, i need to get to work on it... if i have any questions mind giving me a hand?
  7. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    so, I was looking at the last spring cohort and they their decisions were out on June 21st. here is the link if anyone is interested (4th page, bottom), also dont forget about financial aid. just write another essay, due on 16th
  8. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    good to know... i wish all of us the best of luck, and hope to see all of you soon. Keep in mind there is a plan for us, some of which will need to take different roads throughout our journey to greatness! Key to happiness, keep your childlike opt...
  9. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    Thanks for all the support friends! My application status changed, ask and you shall receive was the lesson for today. I hope all that were with me changed as well and if it didnt, have patience my friends! A holistic approach is my favorite part.
  10. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    Thank you @kk3!!! i needed that, we got this
  11. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    This makes me so uneasy, I submitted mine on the first possible day and it still reads "ready for review" meaning they arnt even looking at it yet. Am I tossed in the "do not even consider" pile. Man, so if anyone else is in the same boat as I, we...
  12. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    @rosaleedee i inquired and got this response... The priority deadline for the Spring 2020 cohort was May 1st, we ask that you would allow faculty at least 6-8 weeks to review applications. You will receive an email from the project coordinator regard...
  13. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    mine still says "ready for review" like no one has even looked at it yet. I checked back and i submitted it on the 2nd of march. Should I be worried?????
  14. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    where is everyone applying from? Im from North Carolina but havent lived there in over ten years. Currently in Florida.
  15. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    Just wanted to start this thread for all of us applying to Duke ABSN program for Spring 2020. I submitted my application on March 10th. As I have read through the old forums, we should hear something by June 25th-ish.