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  1. Thoenix

    Austin Community College ADN Spring 2020

    Hey I know it's been a little bit since you posted this but I'm in the fall 2019 class and we just had orientation. Classes are mostly in mornings. Clinicals depend on your sites and are two days a week. Clinicals can be any time Wednesday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. Hope that helps.
  2. Thoenix

    Any tips for two-person stethoscopes?

    This is really helpful. I really hate the double scopes. Even the really cheap classroom single ones, I can hear fine. I'll watch for the bounce. I know I have the vitals down cold. I know my 'vitals dialogue' cold. I have this. Thanks for the good luck wish! This stupid scope is a thorn in my side!
  3. Thoenix

    Hep B vaccine requirement.

    I'm Canadian and Hep B is a vaccine we get at about 11-13 years old in the province I grew up in. I go to school in the US, but with different countries having different ages for the vaccine, I can see where people could miss one window or another and I think the Hep B vaccine was only added to the US schedule in 1994 (though it was first recommended in 1989). So there are still many US citizens who wouldn't have Hep B yet.
  4. I have blood pressure down pat. I get accurate readings every time--as long as I'm using a single-person stethoscope. I cannot, for the life of me, hear anything on the two person stethoscopes. I'm being tested on this skill in a week with the two-person ones and there's just so much background noise getting in--even when I make someone use the other earpieces to block them--that I can't hear. I've got the earpieces facing forwards. I've settled and resettled the earpieces in. I've checked to make sure I've got the scope listening on the right side (diaphragm, not bell). I can hear on the cheap single-headed stethoscopes if I try really hard. I can hear on my Littmann. I can hear on my classmate's MDF. I just can't hear anything through the double ones. My theory is that the shape of the hard plastic earpieces isn't settling right into my ear. I can't swap out the earpieces to softer ones. Does anyone have tips to overcome this? A way to somehow get a better 'seal' with a hard plastic tip? I know this skill, no problem. It's not nerves from being observed. I just can't hear anything through these scopes and I'm really worried that's going to send me for remediation even though I definitely know the skill.
  5. Yeah, go ahead and email her. When she called me she said she was caught up on her student emails so I don't think it would annoy her.
  6. Thoenix

    Recording Lectures?

    If you have permission both to a) record and b) use a laptop or tablet in class, I highly recommend the program Sonocent audio notetaker. You can take notes in it that link directly to audio timecodes so that if your notes seem garbled or incorrect, you can just click on those notes, see what the prof was saying at the time and correct your notes. I have a learning disability and Sonocent is provided to me by my college. I started out with a handheld digital recorder and got Sonocent midway through the semester. The fact that the notes are timelinked makes the audio recordings actually useful. *No one* wants to go back through a full three hour class, but sometimes you need some of it.
  7. I had those thoughts as well, but I'm sure that they're going to make sure we can go to class and to our clinicals, otherwise they're shooting themselves in the foot.
  8. I'm an immigrant and Castlebranch was giving me troubles as a result so I had called awhile back to clarify what Castlebranch was meant to be doing because they clearly didn't know. I couldn't get a response in time so I had to do my best on my own, but she called me back a few days ago and was very apologetic that she hadn't been in the office to help me out with my issues and she told me then.
  9. CEC students should probably be aware that we're running a little behind. The woman in charge of our cohort had to have emergency surgery a little while ago and she's been struggling to get us all caught back up. She's very nice and doing her best and she's recovering well, but all of our stuff is a little behind.
  10. Thoenix

    Roadkill Cuisine Perks and Pitfalls

    It's so normal where I grew up. Very north, very rural, very poor. We don't think twice about it at all. I've probably eaten roadkill meat, though I didn't know it at the time. My family hunted in the fall for our winter meat and had deals with farmers for the summers, so we never needed to be on the call list.
  11. Thoenix

    Roadkill Cuisine Perks and Pitfalls

    Police where I grew up had a call list for deer and other largish animals--when people called in to say they'd been in an accident with a critter, or to report an injured/dead deer/bear/whatever, the police would call the next person on the call list to go to the site. This meant the meat was harvested in a time period about equal to that of a hunter dragging his or her kill out of the woods. I grew up in a very poor area. The meat collected in this way kept protein in the diets of many of my classmates.
  12. Same. Now I have to coordinate the TB testing. I'm allergic to everything so I'm expecting to have to do the blood test because I have no doubt that I'll be allergic to a component of the skin test and welt up. I've got it scheduled but I am not looking forward to this rigamarole. I wish they'd tell us what we're actually paying for in the lab kits though. I hate paying for anything I can't see the contents list on!
  13. Thoenix

    Vaccination for clinical

    Every single thing you've ever posted is anti-vax. Do you just sit and lurk and wait for years for opportunities to do anti-vax trolling? Is that your only interest? Fascinating.
  14. Thoenix

    Vaccination for clinical

    I did consider it. You're coming from a place of fear and propaganda. What's 'lots of preservatives'? Do you know why they're there? Do you know the rate of allergic responses? Do you know which vaccines do and don't contain preservatives and why? You're making baseless claims, then asking people to prove you wrong. That's a rather large investment of time and frankly you don't seem to have enough devotion to truth behind evidence-based practice to bother using my time to teach you. Do your own research and stay away from anti-vaxx sites. I'm glad you got vaccinated--having had pertussis only protects you for a few years, just fyi--but if you're going to try to find alternatives for the rest of your career, you will end up being a liability. Take the time to educate yourself properly or there's no point in you spending all the money to become a nurse.
  15. Thoenix

    Vaccination for clinical

    People panicking about autism being 'on the rise' never realize that the other issue is recognizing that autistic people can be highly intelligent. The vast majority of new diagnoses are in people who don't struggle academically so badly but who struggle socially.
  16. Thoenix

    Accelerated a&p course

    I did it in a two month course and that was really tight. I don't know if a month is feasible. I did great on the two month, but that's very accelerated at 1 month.